Community Day

On May 18, 2024, USC Robotics was able to showcase to the entire Upper St Clair Community about the work they did this year. All of our FTC teams provided fun activities, showcased their robots, gave away cool gadgets, and sold robotics shirts concurrently with the botanical fundraiser.

Some cool activities that people could do at the robotics booth included playing with the Sphero Indis, a paper airplane toss, and a robotics zoo.

Some cool prizes the community could win included fidget spinners and merchandise. In addition, our robotics club showcased our botanical fundraiser, as our club needs donations from donors in order to be able to host outreach events such as community day.

Each team showcased the work they did over the year, which is a crucial part of community day as we can show others how to money acquired by fundraising was used. In addition, we increase the interest in robotics among donors that are willing to donate to expand robotics among the community, and overall, each team had a lot to show in terms of what they did this year:

Overall, community day was a very big as it included our the entirety of the Upper St. Clair community. We had numerous FTC students on USC Robotics help maintain our booth during community day, and there were many different people in our community that showed interest in robotics. It was great to have a booth at community day, and we will be ready to host a better one next year!