Baker Robotics Outreach:

Between April 8th and May 8th, as part of a 4 week program, students in the USC Robotics FTC Teams ROGO and Terabridges hosted robotics workshops on Mondays and Wednesdays where the 3rd and 4th graders built and coded with the Vex Go Kits while the kindergarteners built and coded with the Sphero Indis.

The goal of these robotics workshops is to expose these future robotics enthusiasts to robotics and hopefully encourage them to take part in robotics opportunities that would later appear in Baker and in Boyce. Since USC Robotics hosts outreach events such as robotics workshops in order to attract a greater audience for robotics, in addition to there being copious interest in robotics among younger students, our club gains a lot of students to help facilitate outreach events.

The images below show the kindergarteners and older students, respectively, that successfully completed the program and received their certificate of completion.

Every Monday between April 8th and May 8th, the robotics workshop mentors worked with the 3rd and 4th graders. The mentors created a program where the students would explore, build, and code Vex Go Kits and solve fun challenges! These students now have the opportunity to take part in robotics in Boyce.

Every Wednesday between April 8th and May 8th, the robotics workshop mentors worked with the kindergarteners. The students took part in a program where they would build and play around with the colors detected by the Sphero Indis and navigate there way through mazes using the same colors. Upon completion of this course, the kindergarteners would be eligible continue with the Sphero Indis or move on to building the Vex GO Kits, where they will be provided with more challenges.

Overall, this program was a success and a lot of fun to host. The USC Robotics club, despite these goodbyes, cannot wait to bake another batch of robotics enthusiasts next year, and expand to all our elementary schools!