Farmer’s Market Outreach

On May 23, 2024, USC Robotics hosted a robotics showcase, led by ROGO, at the Farmer’s Market. We had some robotics activities and explained the different facets of Upper St. Clair High School Robotics to people of the community that were interested.

We chose the farmer’s market as the spot for outreach, as it seemed like a good place to showcase robotics in order to attract donors and people whose company was willing to donate as part of fundraising for Robotics Club.

Additionally, one fun activity we had in our booth was allowing younger kids play with the VEX Clawbots on the field. They could place the red or blue cylinder in the box and practice controlling the VEX Clawbots effectively.

Since fundraising is an important part for the efficacy of USC Robotics, we hope to increase outreach and alter the setting in order to attract donors and sponsors. This was a successful event, and our booth got a lot of interest, despite the setting being a farmer’s market. Finally, this event was also very fun to host, as it was like community day a few days earlier.