Remake Learning Day

As we end the 2024-2025 season, our robotics club will love to host numerous outreach events in order to showcase the progress our robotics teams made this year and create fun activities in order to increase interests and efforts in robotics. This event wouldn’t be possible without the help of Mrs. Smith, our robotics club coordinator, the community of students and parents that helped set up for this event and participate in remake learning, and even the school teachers and janitors that helped set up for this event.

Concession Stand and Funding

In order to acquire some funding for the robotics club, our club ran a concession stand where we sold food and our team shirts. With the selling of our team shirts, we hoped to increase the interest of robotics and allow for others to get affiliated with the robotics club, even if they do not take part in any robotics event.

Showcasing Our Teams

Each of our teams showcased the progress that they made each year, and they also had special activities to increase the interest in robotics, particularly among kids. This included our FTC teams and an FLL team, the Blue Biohazardz, and the High School Non-Competitive Team.

BotsBurgh: Showcase and Community Event

For Botsburgh, they showcased their robots/information and created a petting zoo for the community, where the community can show their creativity and building skills to create all the parts and animals for the petting zoo. Botsburgh qualified for states this year, and they included their outreach and experiences on their trifold for presentation.

USC Dynamix: Showcase and Community Event

For USC Dynamix, they showed their robot/information that they worked on throughout the 2024-2025 season. USC Dynamix, like Botsburgh, also included their outreach on the trifold for presentation. For the community event, hey created a bowling station where the community could use a standard clawbot and attempt to launch the ball and knock down the pins. USC Dynamix contributed to the building and maintenance of the maze as the bowling balls were being launched.

ROGO: Showcase and Community Event

ROGO, which is the all girls team at USC robotics, showcased their progress that they made throughout their season. Since this team provides an opportunity wishes to expand robotics to girls, they listed the opportunities for girls like girl scouts, and they presented this on their trifold in addition to their direct outreach. For the community event, they introduced sphero indis, particularly to younger audiences, where the team members helped the community created cool maneuvers with the sphero indis.

Terabridges: Showcase and Community Event

Terabridges is the final High School FTC at Upper St. Clair High School. They showcased their robot and used their base robot in order to help others navigate through a maze. In fact, the event portrayed by Terabridges is to use code in order to naviagate the robot through the maze. Initially, we allowed for controller navigation of the software robot through the maze, but we later switched to code in order to show the community what coding a robot in FTC looked like.

Blue BioHazards: Showcase

Out of the 14 FLL teams in the Middle School, only one showcased their robot and information. Blue BioHazards was the only USC FLL team that qualified for states. They showcased their teams, core values, robot designs and their challenges, and the progress they made this year and overall.

Non-Competitive: Showcase

The non-competitive team in Upper St. Clair High schools is provided for the students that enjoy robotics, but are not able to provide the full commitment necessary in order to join an First Tech Challenge team. For showcase, they provided an underwater apparatus with a robot that is able to function underwater.

Extra Stations

We had 2 extra stations where we had field. On one field, kids could play around with the standard Vex Clawbots. They used the joysticks and controlled the clawbots. On the other field, all the team members hosted a simulation of what a round of robotics during the 2023-2024 season looked like. The image below is the vex clawbot control, while the bottom 2 images are the simulation of an actual robotics round.