We further STEM locally

We Further STEM in our local community by extending the reach of our club, USC Robotics.

In Our School Club

The Club has 70 members at the high school and has reached over 220 students in the district

Continued to collaborate with local teams and share ideas.

Hosted and ran the First-ever FTC qualifier in our school.

Hosted and ran an FLL Scrimmage

Started programs to teach elementary and middle school students about the fundamentals of robotics and engineering through the use of Sphero Indi kits and VEX Clawbots.

Mentoring Others

We also added six more FLL teams to our district’s roster:

Brick Busters, MicroBitz, Roboyce, Mechanical Mayhem, Blue Biohazards

Pixel Pirates, Revolution Robots

Closely mentored each team by meeting with them to discuss their building and programming design

Blue Biohazards won 3rd place in the overall competition at the Southwest PA Grand Championship. They will be advancing to the State Championships!

In Our Community

We also did various one-day outreaches at community events and camps.

Odyssey of the Mind (OotM) Ingenuity Camp outreach over the past summer. – We introduced FIRST and our robot.

We run a booth at USC Community Day in May. – Have our robot available to the public for demonstration.

Participate in local Farmer’s Markets over the summer to share our robot and FIRST with the community.

Participate in our end-of-the-year Robotics Showcase and share our robot and FIRST concepts with the community.