Outreach: November 11 – First Lego League

It was great to hold the 3rd competitive scrimmage of FLL this year, and in fact, it was Terabridges that hosted this event this year. After the 4 educational scrimmages and 4 competitive scrimmages, the FLL teams will participate in a grand championship on the week of December 8th and December 9th

Before we look at the specific teams, it is of foremost importance to give a shout out to everyone who helped facilitate this scrimmage, as without these people, we would not have been able to run this scrimmage at Upper St. Clair High School this year. They spend 2 days, the day before the scrimmage and the day of the scrimmage itself, in order to make sure this scrimmage would run as smooth as a well done road.  

  First, thanks to Mrs. Tracy Smith, our robotics teacher and coordinator of the Robotics Club at the high School, for spending hours to prepare and oversee the transformation of our small gym into the completed FLL scrimmaging area. In addition, thanks to all the teachers, parent volunteers, and other chaperones for helping the set up process as well, which also includes the concession stand for food and all.  

Next, thanks to the experts that helped the set up process, spending quite a few hours making sure every mechanism was properly set up. They spent time looking in the specifics of each mechanism, and our 2 experts also helped in the transformation and powering of each FLL station in the gym, as well as numerous other things like scoring on the second day.  

Next, thanks to the student volunteers that helped set up the concession stand, transforming and moving every to and from the gym by moving tables to give power to each FLL station, as well as putting up posters that helped direct kids to the right locations. Students included members from our team, Terabridges, members from other teams like Rogo, Botsburgh, and USC Dynamix, and even members who are not from a competitive robotics team and are simply from robotics classes and clubs. Josh and Matt Beitler from Terabridges also designed and 3D printed sweet trophies in the shape of a music note for the first, second, and third place teams.  

As expected, the bronze trophy is for the 3rd place team, the silver trophy is for the 2nd place team, and the gold medal is for the 1st place team.  

Finally, thank you to all the FLL teams and the parents that help run the teams, which include the FLL, non-competitive, and competitive teams.  Some of the FLL teams that participated in this competitive scrimmage are as follows:   


Pixel Pirates

Blue Biohazardz

Brick Busters


Infinite Loop

Sharon Tiger Techs 

Mechanics Mayhem 


Mars Team
(I don’t know their name yet, unfortunately)


Mars Ferocious Chickens