An Overview of Terabridges and Upper St. Clair Robotics

Upper St. Clair High School has four FTC teams. They are Botsburgh, Rogo, Terabridges, and USC Dynamix. Terabridges, in the 2023-2024 season, consists of four 9th graders: Rohan Inampudi, Jackson Galbraith, Matt Beitler, and Josh Beitler. In addition, Sidharth Nambiar and William Whitman are two 10th graders on Terabridges; 11th graders include Ishaan Sharma and Darcy Vilkner; 12th graders include Mahir Parmar, Susan Liu, Vraj Shah, and Shiven Verma. Last year, Terabridges include Mahir Parmar, Ishaan Sharma, Susan Liu, Leonna Chen, Shiven Verma, Darcy Vikner, Vraj Shah.

In the future, all four FTC teams plan to do more outreach in order to get more kids involved in robotics. This includes kids that are from other countries in the world. By doing this, we are transcending previous opportunities for everyone that wishes to do robotics. Last year, Terabridges hosted an ingenuity camp, and the campers had access to hummingbird kits, which were incorporated into the camper’s final project.  

Robotics is a rapidly growing field in Upper St Clair. In Boyce Middle School and Fort Couch Middle School. In fact, there is a option for robotics club for kids starting from 5th grade. 

Matt Beitler is an avid coder who has been doing FLL in 7th and 8th grade. He also has been focused on coding the robot for FLL; thus, he chose to code at the FTC level in just his 9th grade. 

Josh Beitler also is an avid coder who has been doing FLL in 7th and 8th grade. He also has been focused on coding the robot for FLL; thus, he chose to code at the FTC level in just his 9th grade. 

Jackson Galbraith – Another builder for Terabridges who is ready to secure an achievement for the Terabridges team. 

Rohan Inampudi – An avid coder who enjoys robots. He is academically inclined and values his grades very much. Rohan likes video games, robots, technology, basketball, tennis, and writing. He programs and designs custom robot pieces for the team. 

Susan Liu is a veteran of Terabridges, one of the first female members of USC Robotics, she has motivated and encouraged other girls to participate in FIRST robotics program, now we have an all girls team in addition to other teams. She is also a diligent builder for Terbaridges. 

Mahir Parmar is the president of USC Robotics and Captain of Terabridges. He is part of both the build and software team. 

William Whitman – A builder who built a ton of legos and acquired experience in this manner. This is William Whitman’s first year on Terabridges, and his first year participating in Robotics as a whole. William Whitman, so far, has helped assemble the motors and claws for the Terabridges main robot. 

Darcy Viltner is one of the most proficient coders on the team. 

Shiven Verma is also one of the most profi

Vraj Shah is a 12th grader who has been on Terabridges for the past 4 years. He, as a result, became a prolific builder, and he enjoys being a diligent builder for Terabridges. In addition, Vraj has been doing robotics for the past 8 years. It is evident that Vraj will be a huge asset for Terabridges this year.  

Ishaan Sharma: Ishaan Sharma is a diligent builder and CAD modeler for Terabridges. He modeled the team element for Terabridges this year. 

Sidharth Nambiar – Sidharth Nambiar is a new member on Terabridges, and his first year on an FTC team. He likes to deal with both the software and hardware for Terabridges. Only by 8th grade did Sidharth realize that he liked robotics. Starting from 7th grade, he started coding in Python, and he developed interest first in coding. He is currently annexing new coding languages into his repertoire.